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High Incident

As you may be aware, ABC has decided not to renew High Incident for the 1997 fall season. The company that produces the show, DreamWorks, SKG, has no reason to continue producing episodes of the show if it will not be picked up by a network. Fans of the show, such as myself, are outraged. This show is one of the few quality dramas to be produced in a long while. In this age of mass-produced television, High Incident is a rare example of the kind of quality programming the people of this country are crying out for. And yet, because of mistakes on ABC's part (e.g. slotting the show opposite NBC's Friends, and not advertising the show enough, to name but a few), we may never get to watch another episode.

At the end of last season, fans of the show watched anxiously as a courageous Police Officer was shot in the line of duty and reckoned with the idea that he may never walk again. We watched as he held his crying son in his arms, and tried to convince him that Daddy would be okay.

These images are hard to watch, but they speak volumes about the courageous men and women who go out every day to protect us, knowing full well they may never see their families again.

We cannot allow ABC to pull this show. It is one of the very few well-directed, well-acted, and well-made shows on the air. If we want to keep this show on the air, we need a show of force. We need to show ABC that the fans are out there, and that we want our show back. If you want to join our effort to keep this outstanding show on the air, Please follow the link below.

What can I do to help save High Incident?

E-mail me at for more information on how you can help.


Last updated 9/3/97